• [Guide][9/30][Samsung] - How to build a ROM from a stock Odin package

    I am going to outline the basics below the expand on them in the next couple days. Building a ROM from scratch is not hard but it does take a lot of learning, experimenting and trial and error.

    Preface: To educate the user on how to build there own ROM from a stock base. This guide will not cover building from AOSP / CM / or AOKP source. It will focus on stock base as that is my area of expertise.

    Goal: Build a basic Stock Rooted ROM to your own specifications

    Recommended Tools:

    Supported Operating systems for this guide
    • Windows 7 / 8 (Preferred! I do 90 percent of all my work in Windows. The other 10 percent is for building kernels which I already have a tutorial on.)
    • Ubuntu 12.04, Linux Mint 13

    Simplified Overview
    • Install Kitchen
    • Find stock base
    • Decompile stock base
    • Make changes
    • Recompile stock base

    This tutorial will focus on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Other Devices will be added at a later time.
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