• [How To] - Verify MD5 Sums (Any File)

    I wrote this guide to help people understand how to check the MD5 hash of a downloaded file. This is applicable to the ROMS or pretty much any file that has an MD5 posting. For this guide we will be using CleanROM as an example.

    • Windows Based PC
    • MD5 checksum verification tool. For this guide we will be using "Chaos MD5" found HERE. There are also ones in the Android Market for the Phone as well.
    • A file to check with a known MD5 checksum.

    The MD5 checksum is like a fingerprint of a file. It ensures a couple things...
    • The file did not get corrupted when it was downloaded
    • The file is authentic and untouched as the author intended.
    • For the most part, your not going to fake an MD5 hash but I guess it could be done. For more backgound info on MD5 look HERE

    Section 1 - Lets do it!
    1. Download Chaos MD5 Tool and extract to desktop.
    2. Download CleanROM but do not extract it.
    3. Run MD5 Tool and select the CleanROM file by clicking on the "Open Folder" icon in the MD5 App.
    4. Click Generate MD5 and compare it with posted MD5. If it matches you are golden. If not, you either have a corrupted download or a bootleg file.

    Hope this helps!

    If you want more guides and tutorials please let me know!

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      Do you think that the md5 checker in es file explorer is ok to use?
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